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Multiscale Design of Multifunctional Materials and Structures (15:00)
In this talk, an integrative multiscale analysis which combines the classical continuum mechanics with the molecular dynamics computation will be presented. The aim of the multiscale analysis was to provide a design guideline for multifunctional materials and structures with a quantitative description of their intrinsic nature in their operating environment. Because the conventional finite element analysis and/or micromechanics model cannot represent the influence of sub-continuum effects on mechanical behavior of the considered systems, I carried out all-atom based molecular dynamics simulations for various nanostructures and nanoprocesses. Then, the characterized thermal, mechanical, and optical properties of the molecular-scale system were integrated with the multiphase continuum models. The established multiscale model was therefore able to estimate the macroscopic quantities of the systems as well as the understanding of their nanophysics in accordance with the atomic view. The presentation will cover the fundamental concepts of nano-continuum bridged multiscale modeling and introduce the relevant research topics: 1) Characterization of interfacial behavior in polymer nanocomposites and 2) photo-mechanical design of photoresponsive smart polymer actuators. Recent progress and challenges of multiscale mechanical design of solids and structures will also be presented to give a perspective of possible future developments.

Speaker: Dr. Joonmyung Choi (Seoul National University)
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